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A misguided attempt to allow felon voting.


Two organizations active in politics that attempt to increase liberty within the landmass known as the State of Minnesota are Liberty Minnesota and the Minnesota chapter of the Republican Liberty Caucus. These two organizations are at the forefront of the political fight for human freedom in Minnesota.  Both organizations have been working on principled reforms in reversing a Sunday sales ban of alcohol and preventing thefts of data by government. In addition, they have been working to restore felon “voting rights”.

In the future, MNArchy will explore the merits, or lack thereof, in attempting to restrain a violent coercive system by working within that same system.  In the meantime, let’s concede the point and assume there is some merit of working within that system.

Given that context, isn’t restoring “voting rights” a good goal? First lets consider whether voting is a right.  The act of voting is helping to select who will rule over your life and the lives of your neighbors.  As the violent thugs who wish to rule have no right to rule in the first place, the “right to vote” is nonsensical.  It is more aptly phrased as the “right to determine who will violate rights”.  The “right to vote” is a self contradictory statement.  Maybe the phrase “right to vote” is hyperbole, but it is dangerous hyperbole because it gives credence to a violent system and it should be abandoned.

Politicians have no right to rule, but in order to attempt to legitimize their rule they allow certain politically selected individuals to vote. So, isn’t increasing the number of people allowed to vote a potential incremental step toward liberty under our current system? No, at least not the way it’s being sold, the hyperbole being used to pass the reform gives legitimacy to the form of rule and implicitly the violent rule itself.  As such, it undercuts the integrity of those who push it.  If Liberty Minnesota and RLC Minnesota were working toward the goal without using rhetoric that legitimizes the state it wouldn’t be as damaging.

Without the liberty damaging rhetoric, giving felons the statutory ability to vote wouldn’t have much chance of passing.  As such, Liberty Minnesota and RLC Minnesota should abandon their push to change voting laws and stick to causes that have clear, principled implications for human freedom.