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  1. Are you aware of what is going on in MN regarding the raising of poultry?

    With the big avian flu scare, authorities (who perhaps had been at infected farms in the area) visited the farm of a beyond-organic, free-range producer (the second time with a warrant) and demanded that he test his flock even though they were not exhibiting any symptoms (the resulting tests came back negative).

    Then I just heard today that the legislature is going about the business of procuring funds for the “recovery” of the CAFO producers which were (not surprisingly) hard hit by this disease.

    In the meantime, local cities, such as New Brighton, are banning the ability of citizens to keep backyard chickens. I am assuming that the outbreak plays at least a part in this, even though this is not the type of population that has been susceptible.

    Not being able to raise your own chickens for eggs and meat, of course, has the effect of creating more of a dependency on the big producers.

    How could the Big Guys lose when all of the subsidies, bail outs and market is directed toward them?

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