More Things Wine Snobs Won’t Tell You

Jeffrey Tucker wrote a beautiful article, What Wine Snobs Won’t Tell You, which celebrated abundantly sharing affordable wine with friends.  I had recently been convinced myself of the great joy of affordable wine.  My sister, Lisa, and her friend, Jared, introduced me to a wonderful urban winery called The Infinite Monkey Theorem.  The tour of that winery inspired me to add to Jeffrey’s list.

Jeffrey included a list of five things, so I start here with number six.

  1. Wine can be made in the city

Historically, wine was made at the farm where grapes were grown.  This makes sense, since you want to control fermentation and not have the grapes spoil.  It also allows for great vineyard tours.  Visit the grape vines, feel the soil, smell the air, enjoy the hillside scenery.  Head inside to see the fermentation and aging processes.  Finish off by tasting several wines from last year’s crop.

Modern shipping, however, allow grapes to travel.  Grapes can be fermented and aged by the winemaker wherever is best suited to the maker, rather than where is best suited for the grapes.  Why should the grapes tie down the winemaker?  Shipping the grapes allows more people to experiment in winemaking and more freedom for the winemakers.  This additional market freedom creates the likelihood of more great wines and happier winemakers.

  1. Wine can be stored and consumed in materials other than glass

Yes, wine can now be purchased in a can.  Is there something special about wine that prevents it from being stored in aluminum?  No.  Canned wine is more portable and the can is more likely to be recycled, what’s not to like about that.  You can also take the wine to places where you don’t want the risk of broken glass.

Wine can also be purchased in a keg.  Wine on tap?  Yes, that’s right just pull the handle and fill your glass of wine.  Wine on tap will also last longer than an opened bottle.  Yes, you can drink that wine a few days later and not even notice any oxidation.  Expect your favorite restaurant to have their house wines on tap in the future.

  1. Wine can be ordered by color

Restaurants have known and practiced the ordering of wine by color for a long time.  Just ask for their table red or white wine.  They’ll happily bring it to you.  Many people ask the type and brand of the house wine.  This isn’t necessary.  Just order the table wine and if you dislike it, not likely as it was probably well chosen, then order something else next time.  If you want a particular grape or brand, then just ask for that grape or brand.  I recommend just choosing red or white and seeing what you get.  Prepare for a pleasant experience.

Next time you visit the beach or pool; don’t forget your canned wine.  Next time you visit a restaurant, order the house red or white and spend less time looking at the menu and more time enjoying your evening.

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Anarchists are idealists

Wallowing in the filthy ditch

Response of Taoist to the king, mentioned in the podcast:

King Wei of Chou, having heard of the ability of Chuang-tzu, sent messengers with large gifts to bring him to his court, and promising also that he would make him his chief minister. Chuang-tzu, however, only laughed and said to them: “A thousand ounces of silver are a great gain to me, and to be a high noble and minister is a most honorable position. But have you not seen the victim-ox for the border sacrifice? It is carefully fed for several years, and robed with rich embroidery that it may be fit to enter the Grand Temple. When the time comes for it to do so, it would prefer to be a little pig, but it cannot get to be so. Go away quickly, and do not soil me with your presence.
I had rather amuse and enjoy myself in the midst of a filthy ditch than be subject to the rules and restrictions in the court of a sovereign. I have determined never to take office, but prefer the enjoyment of my own free will.